Membership Information

Membership is open to individuals and organizations committed to advancing the state of the art in infrastructure reliability.

Membership is offered on a per-person basis only with two types:

1) A user membership is free per year. Users are defined as individuals who utilize mission critical infrastructure to run their businesses. 

2) A vendor/consultant membership is $150.00 per year. Consultants/vendors are defined as individuals who design/specify or manufacture/provide/resell goods and services related to mission critical infrastructure to the end user community.

Membership Year

7x24 Exchange's Lake Michigan Region Chapter membership year shall be January 1st through December 31st each year. If membership enrollment occurs after June 30th but before December 31st of a given year, dues are prorated by 1/2.

Submitting Form for Membership

Please submit your membership application electronically by using this membership application. Questions may be directed to [email protected]